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Some great press for “Shadow of the Cyclone”

Our new album, which is set to be released Oct. 1, has been getting some terrific reviews. Our lead single, “Carry a Tune,” was featured in Americana UK today. Music Mecca says, “This 11-track collection of lyrically-driven songs, stories, and fables delights with unique folk storytelling that invites the listener on a quest that steers you on all kinds of wild sonic journeys.” Midwest Record called the album “dazzlingly different,” and Lonestar Time says, “The irony, the intimacy, and the considerations on the difficult times we are experiencing, the sober musicality that characterizes the arrangements, the links with tradition, and the varied beauty of the themes are the reasons that make “Shadow Of The Cyclone” a work that grows listening after listening.” There are others, but we’ll save them for later.