“Flatbush Sunset”: Rory Costello on the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets Field

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"Flatbush Sunset": Rory Costello on the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets Field

Aaron’s love of baseball history led him to Rory Costello’s fabulous essay about the secret history of Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the two-year period after the Dodgers left and before the beloved park was razed. Costello’s Essay, “Twilight at Ebbets Field,” (click on this link to read it) tells of the many activities that took place at the park during its final years, including soccer, amateur baseball, and even an auto thrill show. Aaron and Michael interviewed Rory from his home in Brooklyn.

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Rory Costello

Rory Costello is Co-Chairman of the Society for American Baseball Research’s BioProject Committee and Chief Editor. He also participates actively in writing for the BioProject. His involvement started as the author of Baseball in the Virgin Islands. He found it was a great pleasure and privilege to interview the subjects — some outgoing, some quiet, but typically affable — and discover their genuine fraternity. 

Ballplayers from Hawaii are another of his pet topics, but he has covered players from 20 different nations or territories, including 11 places in Latin America and the Caribbean. Click here to read Rory’s player biographies.

If you like Aaron’s baseball music, check out “The Strength to Not Fight Back,” his song about Jackie Robinson, also of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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