“Let’s Play in the Snow”: Doug Hamilton

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"Let's Play in the Snow": Doug Hamilton
Doug Hamilton playing fiddle, in profile

This song by Aaron explores the simple pleasures of a parent playing in the snow with their child. We are pleased to interview Doug Hamilton, whose fiddle plays an important part in the sound of this song. He describes himself as classically trained, but physically drained by years of violin playing. A polymath and veteran of half a century performing in venues from tiny bookstores to arenas, Hamilton is still trying to figure out the purest path to musical truth. In this interview, you’ll hear tales of being on tour as a backing musician to such big names as Reba McEntire and Aaron Tippin, as well as why he chose a career change that led to owning a bicycle shop in Oxford, Ohio. But he remains musically active, including multiple dates each year with Michael.

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