Rachel Mousie’s “I Can Do What You Can Do”

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Rachel Mousie's "I Can Do What You Can Do"
Rachel Mousie speaking into microphone, smiling, with cat cozying up next to her.
Rachel Mousie

Rachel Mousie, vocalist, songwriter, and looper, was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Her songs feature spare but meaningful piano parts, looped vocal harmonies, and percussive rhythms behind melodic vocal lines. It’s music that makes you feel something. During the day, she’s a clinically licensed social worker at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a child mental health therapist. She often pulls from her personal and professional experiences for lyrical inspiration to address issues that mean something to her. 

She wrote “I Can Do What You Can Do” as a part of a Songwriter group intended to help increase creative output and musical content. The prompt for this song was “Annie Oakley”. She dug into the history of this incredible woman as well as how she was portrayed in popular media such as the musical Annie Get Your Gun. “I was pretty grossed out by the fact that a ‘happy ending’ meant Annie making herself smaller/less threatening to her love interest so that she could marry him. I reject the idea that women must make themselves smaller, quieter, or less competent so as not to bruise fragile male egos. This song speaks to those feelings and frustrations.” 

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